Training Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) V3 Foundation Best Practices






Training Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) V3 Foundation Best Practices – Information Technology service management is integral to virtually every business and it’s important that managers, business staff and end users have the required level of knowledge to understand and build on their relationships with their IT service providers. The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) is a set of practices for IT Service Management (ITSM) that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of business. IT Infrastructure Library is the international standard for best practices in IT Service Management. In its current form (known as ITIL 2011 edition), ITIL is published in a series of five core publications, each of which covers an ITSM lifecycle stage. ITIL underpins ISO/IEC 20000 (previously BS15000), the International Service Management Standard for IT service management, although differences between the two frameworks do exist. ITIL is a recognized international standard for the IT service management profession. It contains established norms, methods, processes, and practices. ITL standards provide guidelines for managing IT services, creating IT service capabilities and enhancing IT service management. The importance of Information Technology Services and Information Technology infrastructure to an organization cannot be under estimated in the current business environment. The increasing acceptance of a process based approach to managing IT indicates that the application of appropriate knowledge, skills, processes, tools and techniques can have a significant impact on business success. This course will prepare you for success on the ITIL Foundations Certification Exam, which is delivered on the final day of class. Candidates passing the exam will earn the ITIL Foundations Certification. You will learn about key ITIL structures, ITIL processes and ITIL terminology, while discussing the practical implications of Service Management concepts.




Tujuan Pelatihan Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) V3 Foundation Best Practices :

  • To encourage all employees to participate in the success of their companies by Aligning IT services with the current and future needs of the business and its customers
  • Define the goal, objectives and scope of service design
  • Outline key activities for service design processes in the context of the service lifecycle
  • Improving the quality of the IT services delivered and Reducing the long term costs of service provisions
  • Enhance the quality of IT service provision within an organization



Materi Pelatihan Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) V3 Foundation Best Practices :

  1. Service Management Defined
  • IT services and what they really do
  • How IT services deliver value to customers
  • Value and importance of IT service management
  1. ITIL Introduction
  • Good practices
  • Ease ITIL adoption
  • ITIL qualification scheme, bodies, and certifications
  1. Service Strategy
  • Design, develop, and implement service management
  • Service management as a strategic asset
  • Setting objectives and expectations
  • Identify and select prioritization opportunities
  1. Service Design
  • Design and develop services
  • Develop processes
  • Design principles and methods
  • Convert strategy into services
  1. Service Transition
  • Develop and improve capabilities
  • Improved methods for transitioning new and changed services into operation
  • Manage the complexity related to changes
  • Prevent undesired results while enabling innovation
  1. Service Operation
  • Effectively and efficiently deliver support services
  • Ensure value to customer and service provider
  • Maintain stability while allowing for change
  • Organize to improve IT support to customer
  1. Continual Service Improvement
  • Create and maintain value for customers
  • Importance of better design, introduction, and operation of services
  • Improving service quality, business continuity, and IT efficiency
  • Link improvement efforts to strategy, design, and transition
  1. Exam-Taking Tips
  • Important techniques to help you pass your exam
  1. Exam Review



Fasilitas Yang Diperoleh :

  • Lokasi Training di Hotel Bintang 3-5
  • Ruang Pelatihan Full AC, Toilet dan Musholla
  • Perlengkapan Visual LCD Proyektor, & Whiteboard
  • Modul / Handout(Hard Copy & Soft Copy)
  • Training Kit (Co-Card, Bolpoin, & Buku Catatan)
  • 1x Makan Siang dan 2x Coffee Break (Snack)
  • Penjemputan Bandara Hotel (Pulang-Pergi selama pelatihan)
  • Basement Tempat Parkir Motor dan Mobil yang Aman
  • Akses Internet Wireless
  • Smoking Area.
  • Sertifikat Keikutsertaan Training
  • Merchandise menarik dari Duta Pro Training & Consulting
  • Konsultasi dengan Instruktur setelah Pelatihan

Lokasi Training di Bali :


Lokasi Training di Kota Lainnya :

  • Yogyakarta : Hotel Dafam Malioboro, Ibis Style Malioboro, Forriz Hotel, Neo Malioboro
  • Bandung : Ibis Pasteur Hotel, Gino Feruci Hotel, Verona Palace Hotel
  • Jakarta : Amaris Tendean Hotel, Amaris Kemang Hotel, Neo+ Kebayoran Hotel
  • Surabaya : Hotel Ibis Merah, Yello Hotel Jemursari, Neo Gubeng Hotel, Bidakara Hotel
  • Malang : favehotel Tlogomas Malang, Maxone Hotels at Malang, Hotel Tugu Malang
  • Semarang : Hotel Dafam Semarang, Whiz Hotel Semarang, Aston Semarang Hotel And Convention Center, Hotel Ciputra
  • Solo : favehotel Manahan, Brothers Inn Solo, ASTON Solo Hotel, The Alana Hotel and Convention Center
  • Lombok: Hotel Lombok Garden, Grand Senggigi Hotel, favehotel Langko Mataram

Keterangan :

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  2. Biaya dan Lokasi diatas hanya untuk Private Training dan Public Training, untuk In House Training penawarannya dapat menghubungi kami dilink berikut (kontak kami).
  3. Jumlah peserta, jadwal training dan lokasi training dapat menyesuaikan permintaan.
  4. Pemintaan lokasi yang diluar daftar diatas dapat menghubungi kontak Marketing Kami.

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